Problem Solving Tasks Presentation

I was recently invited to run a 1.5 hours workshop for the math half of the Math and Science Summer Workshops at Fay School. I was going to just do a modified version of my NCTM Fermi Problems presentation. But, as I thought things through, I realized the workshop might not be as appropriate for the full range of grades participants teach (K through 8).

So, I did my favorite thing. I broke down my last presentation and built it back up anew. This time, instead of focusing on one problem type (Fermi problems), I aimed to develop criteria for identifying good problem-solving tasks. Then, I chose good problems that exemplified those criteria.

Here are the slides for my workshop. Additionally, when I give presentations I like to type up a document that summarizes my talk and includes all of the links and summarizes what I shared. You can see that reference document by clicking on the words you are reading right now.