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I started this blog as I was finishing up my M.Ed. (4 years of night classes) because I knew how much I was going to miss discussing math education. I want to share my thoughts but also get in discussions with others. That means reaching out an finding others who are writing and blogging.

Everyone's got a blog roll. I thought I would try to organize and annotate mine. This is definitely under construction!

Alex Bellos - Adventures in Numberland:

Andrew Stadel - Divisible by 3 (@mr_stadel):

  • Andrew created the amazing Estimation 180 project
  • He is a digital learning coach

Breedeen Pickford-Murray - Between The Numbers:

Christopher Danielson - Overthinking My Teaching (@Trianglemancsd):

  • Christopher's blog is AWESOME. It is one of my favorites
  • He often shares the work he is doing with pre-service teachers
  • Here are the courses he teaches
  • He wrote a highly-viewed piece: 5 reasons not to share that CC worksheet on facebook.
  • I started picking favorite posts but there are too many. Look at his categories to find posts that fit your interests.

Dan Meyer - dy/dan (@ddmeyer):

Fawn Nguyen - Finding Ways (@fawnpnguyen):

Geoff Krall - Emergent Math (@emergentmath):

Joey Kelly - Mister Is This Right (@joeykelly89):

Michael Pershan - Math Mistakes (@mpershan):

  • Middle and High School Math teacher from NYC
  • Gave a fabulous ShadowCon presentation on how to improve our hints

Sam Shah - Continuous Everywhere But Differentiable Nowhere:

Steve Wyborney - I'm On a Learning Mission:

Tina Cardone - Drawing on Math (@crstn85):

  • Wrote Nix the Tricks, a free e-book about tricks students are taught that keep them from developing deep understanding
  • Teaches high school in Salem, MA -- go northeast!
  • Often writes self-reflectively about teaching
  • Her district is rolling out standards-based grading this year

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