Divisibility Rules Worksheet

Listen, I know this is the common refrain from ~99% of the teachers who blog, but I would really like to post more stuff to this blog.

A big part of my problem is that I like to over-explain anything I post up here. But, really, the people reading this blog are more than capable of filling in gaps. So consider this post the start of my own personal blogging initiative; I'm going to work to get more short posts up here.

First up is a worksheet on division and divisibility rules. Sometimes students just need to practice, but when they do, I try to make sure that it is not mindless. So I'll often have them only complete problems that meet a certain condition. I made this when my 5th grade students were studying whole-number division and learning about divisibility rules.

Print or download the document.

This worksheet shows a number of my common homework practices.[3]I'm talking about homework at NCTM's Innov8 conference in November. I typically provide students with answers and give them some sort of meta-task when the assignment would otherwise be rote.