Should You Attend My Workshop on Fermi Problems at NCTM Annual?

I am extremely excited to be presenting about Fermi estimation problems at NCTM's Annual Meeting in San Francisco this week! My workshop is scheduled for Saturday from 9:45 in 3006 (Moscone West).

I want to provide a bit more detail about my workshop to hopefully get more folks to attend. But, I also know that everyone's time is limited and valuable, so this may help you decide that another talk or workshop is more valuable. That's okay too! If you come to my workshop, expect to have some fun actually doing mathematics. I hope you will attend!

Here is the description I wrote last spring when I applied to NCTM:

How many bathtubs of water will you drink in your lifetime? How long would it take to count to 1 million out loud? Solve Fermi problems like these and discuss their value, their connection to the CCSSM Standards for Mathematical Practice, and strategies for implementation. Expect to work collaboratively and have fun solving problems!

That description only hints at what you will be doing. They have my workshop listed in the 6-8 grade band, but I feel that this workshop would be valuable for anyone who teaches grades 4 or higher. My outline for the presentation is as follows:

  1. Introduce Enrico Fermi and loosely define a Fermi estimation
  2. Have participants solve Fermi estimation problems
  3. Discuss what value these problems (or similar types) add to our students' education
  4. Pedagogical advice if you decide to try these out
  5. Resources for implementing Fermi problems and for continued discussions

If you have questions about the workshop, tweet me up: @mathfireworks!