Summer To Do List Update #3

I've got just three weeks to go until school starts back up. This has been, by far, my busiest summer of work. I have lots of things I want to do and am teaching two new courses. Here is where I am at currently on my to do list.[3]Note: New items are marked with asterisks. Others have been adjusted or removed. Struck-through items are completed.

  • Access my school's pre-algebra text
  • Outline what is covered in pre-algebra
  • Make pre-algebra standards - Today I finished developing standards for all of the content in my 7th grade Pre-Algebra course. They are mostly in order too. They need to be proofread and simplified where possible. Also, last year I had a "Sample Problem" for each standard. I have not written those yet, but I may skip them for two reasons. First, I am not sure that very many students looked at or read the sample questions to help understand the standard. Second, I am trying to declutter the standards document as much as possible
  • Collect tasks for pre-algebra course - Working on this
  • Be a good husband - Some good, some bad. Mostly okay
  • Develop 6th grade standards - I have been mostly focusing on 7th grade, this is my next big task. I got started this morning
  • Plan "emergency absence" lessons - May happen as I collect tasks for 6th and 7th grade. If some tasks are appropriate, I will set them aside for this purpose
  • Add SBG information to email signature for parents - I wrote a letter to parents about standards-based grading. I think I am also going to make a screencast explaining how I track progress in google sheets since that sometimes causes confusion
  • Read research on rational numbers - I have read less than I would like, but this IS happening
  • Create 6th grade pencasts - This is looking more and more like it will not get done this summer unfortunately
  • Develop ≥9 challenge problems - I think I have found enough problems but I am looking for a bit more variety. I have designed 5 of them and posted about 2.
  • Class openers - Another item that is probably not going to get done
  • Investigated CMP3 videos - I got into the CMP3 web suite today and checked out these videos. Some are okay. A few are good. More are bland and boring. I think I can do a better job launching tasks on my own using #MTBoS's resources and youtube/google. Still, I will use a few of these where I can
  • Plan a math coffee - No signs of a coffee happening, so this is getting postponed until I KNOW there is a coffee
  • Python program for emailing SBG progress
  • Python program for printing advisees' effort grades
  • *Make screencast touring my SBG documents
  • *Make planning document that outlines lessons for the year - Another teacher is taking over my 5th grade course that I taught for 5 years. I wish I had a more organized document to hand over to them. So, as I plan/prep two new courses, I have a few new Google Docs that I am using to organize and track my lessons/planning. That will make it easier to share ideas here and help me (or future teachers) teaching my course

What big projects are you all working on this summer! What can you share?